The Importance of Secure Web Hosting

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Web hosting security is important for everyone regardless of whether you are a large corporation, small business owner or blogger.  Security breaches can cost, not only loss of income but have a direct negative impact to the company’s or individual’s brand.  Loss of data or disruption of service delivery equals the public’s loss of trust in the entity.  It’s clear that anyone with website hosting need to invest in security measures.

Today businesses operate online.  This makes them an appealing target for criminals.  As billions of dollars flow online, unsavory individuals work hard to steal what they can.  This can include funds, customer data or even identity theft.  The best web hosting works to protect you, your customers and data.

There are two primary types of threats to consider:  identity thieves and hackers.  Identity thieves work quietly to gather data, such as personal information and credit card data, that can be sold or used for personal gain.  The other group of hackers do so to disrupt a business flow or simply prove that they can access a website’s database.  Both groups of people, whether they intend harm or not, can slow a business flow down and cause multiple disruptions which affects revenue.

To compare web hosting services, there are several things to look for.  This can help differentiate between cheap web hosting and something more secure.  Secure web hosting will offer SFTP (secure file transfer protocol).  This is a more secure approach to traditional FTP that can be vulnerable.  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is another level of encryption between the browser and the server that protects customer data.  When comparing web hosting, look into how often the host backs up information, if you have the opportunity to back up your own data and how routinely they maintain their servers.

Web hosting security is important for everyone online.  Know that your website and data is protected.